12 Super-Lon #18 Beading Cord for Jewelry Making, Kumohimo by The Beadsmith, S-Lon Forest Mix SLBC-MIX70




  • BEADING CORD: These packages of colorful bead cord help you boost sales and save on wall space.
  • 12-PIECE SET: The Winter Mix package comes with several stunning colors.
  • REUSABLE PACKAGING: These jewelry-making thread spools come in a hangable reusable clamshell container.
  • CRAFTING SUPPLIES: These colorful threads are perfect for making necklaces and bracelets.
  • PROFESSIONAL QUALITY: This high quality jewelry craft cord is the perfect addition to any jewelry supply collection.

Whether you are stocking your supply room or ordering a set of bead cord for yourself, this color-coordinated set of cord is up for the task. S-Lon cord is perfect for knotting gemstones or beads, kumihimo braiding, jewelry stringing and much more. S-Lon Bead cord is perfect for adults and kids alike to create jewelry from friendship bracelets to delicate pendants. It can fit through a variety of bead shapes and sizes, including glass, crystal, wood, and plastic beads. Bead cord is easy to string through beads and can be easily tied into knots. Plus, it is durable and flexible, which makes it extremely versatile when crafting. The bead cord can also be used to repair existing bracelets, necklaces, earrings, and other accessories. It can even be used for detailed crochet projects. Each large assortment package of our S-Lon cord comes with 12 bobbins of beading thread in different color-coordinating threads measuring 77 yards. We've packaged the bobbins in a hangable clamshell container so you can store your bobbins easily at home or on a retail display. With this beading cord, your homemade jewelry and crafts will retain a professional look for years to come. Knot and braid the cord to craft unique jewelry creations or to repair existing pieces. Unlock your creativity and manipulate this versatile cord to make jewelry pieces for your own collection or to add to someone else's jewelry accessories. Show someone how much you care by making a personalized statement necklace. Handmade beaded jewelry pieces make great gifts for friends or loved ones for birthdays, Christmas, weddings, graduation, or other special occasions. Add this jewelry cord assortment to your crafting or beading supplies today and unlock your artistic talents.


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