Canadian Hemp Wick 420 Feet. 100% Natural with Beeswax


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  • Hand Made
  • 420 Feet
  • Clear Smoking
  • Natural Hemp and Beewax

CANADIAN Hemp Wick 100% Naturel Spool 420 ft. This product is an alternative to lighters and matches. It combines two ancient renewable resources hemp and beeswax for an all natural higher quality flame. Made form natural hemp dipped in natural beeswax, it is used to light medicinal herbs and pipes, fine cigars, and hand rolled tobacco cigarettes. Those who choose high quality flavors choose Hemp Wick to preserve the flavor easier on the earth and you use a candle for repeated lighting full flavor no extra chemical taste. It does require an external flame, candles work great when convenient . Lighters also work great. Let hemp wick take the butane hit for you, so you're not inhaling the butane gas and flint directly from the lighter. Skip the stinky chemicals released from matches altogether. Be careful to not let the flame go out in the middle of smoking.


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