Hemp Journal


This paper which is 25% hemp, 75% post-consumer content is 100% sustainable and made right here in San Diego very close to Hempy’s headquarters. This journal is bound in a natural, chlorine free, acid free pressed board. Show the world what is possible if we put our mind to saving the planet.
7 inches x 7 inches
70 pages lined on one side
All-natural soy inks
Paper is 25% Hemp and 75% Recycled Materials.


An acre of Hemp can produce four times the amount of paper fiber as an old growth forest and it is renewable and low water use crop. In the 1920’s the U.S. government published a policy goal to have all paper in the U.S. made from hemp by 1940. Many believe the whole demonization of cannabis plant was in part driven by its superior ability to compete with traditional paper mills which used old growth forests for their pulp sources.

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Weight 4.263768278 kg
Dimensions 17.78 × 17.78 × 17.78 cm


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