Hemptique - Hemp Cord - Multiweight Set 4 Different Weights 10-20-36-48 LBS 1712


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Cords and Ropes and Yarns.

Hemptique Natural Hemp Cord is a preferred choice for crafts, including jewelry-making, scrapbooking, handmade greeting cards, gardening and more. Hemp Cord is a naturally biodegradable and eco- friendly alternative to cotton and synthetic cordage.

At the turn of the millennium, TMI offered its first handful of fine hemp cords and yarns. Since then, TMI has experienced an increase in growth.

Our products are sold in various forms and packaging such as: coils, spools, balls, skeins, boxes, bags, and more. With our wide variety color palette, we are able to produce any colors offered in the pantone book. The dyes that we use are eco-friendly and azo-free.

This is, of course, 'regular' hemp cord / twine for beading, jewelry-making, tying knots, household and garden usage - please see our 'hemp wick' selection in the Herb Accessories category for our huge selection of 'hemp wick' from brands like Bee Line, Ital, Hemplights, etc.

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