Jute Twine String for Crafts - 100M (328 Feet) - 100% Natural 2 Ply 1MM Thick


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  • Thin Yet Sturdy; Jute string is the perfect heavy duty craft twine for gift wrapping ribbon
  • Lightweight Design; Makes the perfect thin twine ribbon, burlap ribbon or jute rope
  • Convenient Packing; The thin brown twine rope is rolled around a coil for easy storage
  • Endless Possibilities; Use twine for crafts, as a jute ribbon, as garden twine and more
  • High Quality; Burlap string make the perfect natural ribbons and bows for gifts

For those who like to engage in arts and crafts as a hobby, jute twine is a must-have. Jute twine is one of the most versatile materials a person can use that can be spread across numerous applications, making it a crucial part of any craft supply room. This twine can be used for making wrapped gifts look more professional, for holding up posts and plants in the garden, for creating unique crafts or decorating at rustic-themed weddings and so much more. With this Bryco Goods Jute Twine, you will have plenty of hardwearing jute twine to go around, ensuring that you can complete all of your projects with ease. This Bryco Goods Jute Twine comes with a total of 300 feet of twine wrapped around in a tightly packed coil that allows it to take up as little space as possible. All 300 feet of it is condensed down into a relatively small roll that allows it to be easily stored alongside the rest of your craft supplies when not in use. The jute twine shown here measures only one millimeter in diameter, making it especially useful for smaller projects. Although it is thin, it is remarkably strong and can adequately support whatever it is you are doing. This thin jute twine is also lightweight and won't cause creases or rips in your projects.


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