Organic Super Seeds in a Gift Box - Hemp Seeds, White Quinoa, Amaranth, Brown Basmati Rice, and Chia Seeds


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  • ORGANIC SUPER SEEDS: Organic Super Seeds are universal ingredients for your dishes.
  • GLUTEN-FREE: As these seeds do not contain gluten, everyone can enjoy Super Seeds.
  • ORGANIC PRODUCT: Our Organic Super Seeds are free of pesticides and other toxic chemicals.
  • HEALTHY AND DELICIOUS: There are hundreds of fantastic recipes with Seeds everyone would love.
  • GREAT FOR THE DIET: Organic Super Seeds are full of fiber, protein, and nutrients, but low on calories.

Organic Super Seeds - Gift Box by Food to Live includes 5 bags: - Organic Chinese Hemp Seeds - 8 Ounces. Country of Origin: China. - Organic White Quinoa - 8 Ounces. Country of Origin: Bolivia. - Organic Amaranth - 8 Ounces. Country of Origin: India. - Organic Basmati Rice - 8 Ounces. Country of Origin: USA. - Organic Chia Seeds - 8 Ounces. Country of Origin: Argentina, Bolivia, Mexico, Paraguay. Organic Hemp Seeds offer a wide range of health benefits. These seeds are one of the most nutritional foods. The delicious nutty flavor of the seeds makes them a great addition to baked goods (mixed with dough) and salads. You can also blend them with other ingredients to create great dips and sauces or use them in marinades. Organic White Quinoa is a fantastic superfood that can benefit any diet. Quinoa contains both carbs and proteins. Quinoa seeds, flour, and pasta are a great alternative for people who want to avoid gluten. Quinoa cereal gives you a boost of nutrients that include, but aren’t limited to, manganese, magnesium, phosphorus, iron, and copper. Organic Amaranth grain is extraordinary in every way. Amaranth is a nutritional powerhouse among grains. A plate full of cooked amaranth seeds and veggies makes for an extremely energizing meal. The good news is that calories in this grain come from vitamins and minerals instead of fats. As amaranth isn’t technically a grain, it’s 100% gluten-free. Brown basmati rice is one of the most amazing types of grains there are. The elements it contains can be used to make many tasty dishes. The first and foremost benefit of brown basmati rice is that it’s much more nutritious than its milled down white variety. Nowadays, you can find brown rice noodles, pasta, tea, flour, and a variety of other products made of this incredible grain. Organic chia seeds are great for you. They can fit into any diet because they are nutritious but have a low level of fats.



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