Pure Hemp & Salmon Oil for Dogs and Cats - Omega Skin Care for Dandruff, Shedding, Allergy & Itchy Skin Relief - Joint Supplement for Pet Arthritis - Skin & Coat Vitamins Pets Love - 8 oz




  • SKIN & ALLERGIES - Dry itchy, flaky skin, dandruff, hair loss, bald patches, hot spots, and sore paws. They are not only unhealthy but uncomfortable too. Causing scratching, biting and licking sore spots. Add to your pet's food every day for seasonal allergy symptoms.
  • SOFT & SHINY COAT - Dry, brittle fur or excessive shedding are signs that your pet's skin may need help. Pure Hemp & Salmon Oil moisturizes the skin from the inside out. Healthy skin regenerates healthy hair. Causing fur to shine, become soft to touch, and hair follicles stay more intact. Amazing for an anti-shedding aid.
  • OMEGA HEMP POWER - Our famous Pure Wild Alaskan Salmon Oil formulated with our Organic Pure Hemp Oil. Sourced from the finest crops in the world, Canada. Gives that little extra boost for calming, relaxation, mood enhancement, and joint health.
  • VET RECOMMENDED - Veterinarians are suggesting trying natural remedies high in EPA & DHA. Anti-inflammatories and prescription meds treatment can be harmful to the body. Sometimes, they don't work. Reminder from the vet, serve the drops of magic oil every day or symptoms will return!
  • EASY TO USE & DELICIOUS - Pets love this stuff! The fresh salmon smell combined with the earthy hemp makes them drool for it. Even picky eaters love it drizzled over their food. The convenient liquid vitamin pump makes it simple to squirt over food, mix and serve. You and your fur baby will be so happy!

Best Paw Nutrition's Pure Hemp & Salmon Oil For Dogs & Cats. Helps Relax Your Furry Friend With A Natural And Safe Home Remedy. Hemp & Salmon Oil may help pets with their anxiety, fear, skin, coat, and joints! Do what’s right for your fur family and give them a professionally formulated supplement to assist them with quality relaxation and the well-being that they deserve. CANINE & FELINE HEALTH BENEFITS: EASY TO ADMINISTER - You need not worry about facing a difficult time in feeding your dog or cat with our Pure Hemp & Salmon Oil. Our BPA-free, recyclable bottle comes with a leak-resistant pump. Easy for you to pump the oil over food, mix and serve! WE SUPPORT OUR PAWRENTS 100% Shoot us a message if you ever have any concerns! SUPPORTS SKIN HEALTH - Are your pets suffering from dry, itchy, allergy-prone, or irritated skin? If yes, then not to worry as this nourishing formula contains rich Omega fatty acids to give your pet's skin a healthier feel and appearance. 100% ORGANIC - This gluten-free dietary supplement is completely safe for dogs and cats of different breeds and sizes. You feel assured that our supplements are pure. FREE from fillers, additives, preservatives and harmful chemicals that may affect your pet’s health or cause allergies. HEART & IMMUNE SUPPORT - The Omega-3 content in this blend may support the heart and immune system to promote overall wellness and vitality for your furry friend. STIMULATES THE APPETITE - Does your furry friend seem like it has lost all interest in eating? Our hemp oil formula naturally restores your canine or feline friend’s appetite while providing relief from digestive discomforts, such as nausea, bloating and gas. It is perfect for senior dogs and cats as they require complete nutrition from the food they eat in order to stay healthy at all times.


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