January 25, 2022

The Hemp Oil Cookbook

HempWeb would like to present 7 ways you can use hemp oil in your cooking. Hemp oil comes with various health benefits, so get familiar with it!

Are you looking for a healthy, vegan-friendly oil to cook with? Do you want to include a beneficial plant-based fatty acid in your diet?

Well, hemp oil might be the answer. 

This blog post gives you some examples of hemp oil recipes for different types of cooking.

What Exactly is Hemp Oil?

Hemp oil is extracted from the seeds of the Cannabis Sativa plant. It is non-psychoactive, meaning it won't make you high. It is rich in essential fatty acids, with the three biggest being omega-3 alpha-linolenic acid (ALA), omega-6 linoleic acid (LA), and omega-9 oleic acid.

The taste of hemp oil can be described as somewhat nutty and earthy. It also goes well with a number of other flavors, such as garlic, lemon zest, and rosemary.

Benefits of Cooking With Hemp Oil

Hemp oil is free from trans-fats and contains more essential fatty acids than any other cooking oil. This high content of fatty acids is why it has great nutritional value.

Hemp oil is also naturally anti-microbial and anti-fungal, making it ideal for cooking. The texture of hemp oil is usually rather firm at room temperature and can be used in baking but not frying.

It has a low smoke point, making it unsuitable for frying, but it is perfect for baking and cooking at lower temperatures. Hemp oil is versatile and can be used in several dishes such as:

1. Use As A Salad Dressing

Instead of buying a pre-made salad dressing, why not make your very own? Hemp oil makes the perfect base for almost any salad dressing. It also goes well with herbs and spices, which you can mix in yourself to get an even healthier product.

Add some diced shallots for extra flavor, lemon juice to brighten it up, and mix it all up with some hemp oil. See, that was easy!

2. Stir Fry Dishes

Stir-frying is a method of cooking where you place small pieces of food in hot oil over a fast heat source. This way, the outside gets cooked while not overcooking anything inside. We already established that hemp oil has a relatively low smoke point which means it is not good for deep-frying, but it can be used in stir fry dishes.

After cooking, you can put the finished stir-fry in a bowl and pour hemp oil dressing over it. You could also experiment with other spices or sauces to find your favorite combination.

3. Use In Soup

Adding hemp oil to soup is a great way to get the benefits of its essential fatty acids. It gives the casserole extra body and flavor while keeping it vegan-friendly.

You can add cooked hemp seeds, hemp oil, or even some grated vegetables if you want. However, the best soups for hemp oil are those that contain a lot of vegetable or legume ingredients.

For example, try making split pea soup and adding some hemp oil to the mix! It will give your meal the extra nutrition it needs and make it all the more delicious.

4. Add Hemp Oil To Your Smoothie

Adding hemp oil to your smoothies is a great way to get its essential fatty acids and avoid unhealthy sugars and cholesterol. Hemp oil won't add any flavor, so you can add it without worrying about the taste.

It goes particularly well with banana or pineapple in fruit smoothies and works well when added to other smoothies such as green smoothies.

When adding hemp oil to your smoothie, you can add hemp seeds or granola for extra flavor and nutrition. They are sweet enough so that you won't require the hemp oil for sweetness!

5. Use As A Binder

Adding hemp oil to your soups and salads can replace eggs as a vegan-friendly binding agent, making them creamy and smooth.

This is especially useful for dishes that don't need to be heated or baked further after adding the hemp oil. Hemp oil is an excellent substitute for vegan mayonnaise if you make something with high heat exposure.

If you want to bind your salad with hemp oil dressing, simply pour some over the vegetables and mix thoroughly. Take care not to use too much as it can be very filling!

6. Quinoa and Hemp Oil

Quinoa is a great source of protein and can be used in many different dishes. Adding hemp oil to quinoa makes the dish more nutritious while giving it some extra flavor. This is especially true when adding spices such as cumin or coriander, but you could even add fresh herbs for an extra taste boost.

You can also use this method for other dishes such as risotto or rice pudding. Combine the hemp oil with garlic to make tasty fried rice or even stir it into your oatmeal for an extra nutritious breakfast!

7. Use As A Dip For Crackers Or Vegetable Sticks

Hemp oil is good all on its own as it has great flavor, but for those who like a bit of crunch and spice to their food, hemp oil is perfect as a dip or spread.

Hemp oil works well with herbs such as basil and coriander as the flavors work well together. You can even add some freshly ground pepper and sea salt for extra flavor!

Think of it as hummus, and experiment with different spices and mixes to find your perfect taste in hemp oil. This is also a great way to increase hemp oil's nutritional value by adding some whole-grain crackers or vegetable sticks into the mix.


Hemp oil is a great way to include essential fatty acids into your diet, which can help you control inflammation and improve your overall health. Some of the best hemp oils come in ready-to-serve bottles, but you can also get creative and cook with them to ensure you're getting the most out of your oil!

Do you have a favorite hemp oil recipe? Do you use hemp oil as part of your daily meal plan? Let us know in the comments below.

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